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Mobile Repair561-844-0707

Computer Repair Services for Your Business and Personal Computers and Laptops

As a full-service repair company, Computer Medic Center offers the following services:


Computer Repair

Computer Medic specializes in computer repair for business and individuals. Whether you have slow running computer, need more memory or it has crashed completely, we are here to help. 

Laptop Repair

We our the best at fixing laptops. We can remove malware, spyware, viruses and in most cases recover lost data. We can recommend and install back up data solutions.

Virus Assessments & Removal

Viruses are bad whether they are in your body or in your computer. Fortunately at Computer Medic Center we have a "cure". There are hundreds of different types of viruses and new ones are attacking daily. We are happy to diagnois the problem.  Much like your car mechanic runs a diagnostic or your doctor needs to see MRI results before they can assess a a problem and recommend a solution, we must charge a nominal fee for this lengthy service as time is needed to run scans. 


Data Recovery

It an awful feeling when your computer crashes and it seems like you just lost everything that was ever put on your computer. From critical business information, contacts, photos, important emails or documents that have suffered from hard drive failure due to viruses, power surges, accidental formatting or deleting and software malfunction. Even if you decide not to repair the old computer but want to buy a new one, we can configure your new computer with your old information.

Smart TV

We can turn your regular TV into a Smart TV. Why pay thousands of dollars to replace your TV when Computer Medic Center can turn the Flat Screen TV you have now into a Smart TV.

Security Camera Installation

Security is a big issue these days and home cameras that you can monitor from your computer are getting popular. Call on Computer Medic Center to integrate those cameras with your computer. While we do not sell or provide monitoring service for the cameras we can install them around your home or business. 


Additional services

  • New and used PC's for sale
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Set up and configure your high speed intranet connections (i.e. Comcast, Verizon, DSL)
  • Server management, set up and configure.
  • Perform hard drive and memory upgrades
  • Recommend and install data back up solutions

Computer headaches?

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